My EHS Story – Bruce Evans

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I am one of the seven or more percent of people on the planet that suffers from EMF sensitivity.

I was forced to move to the country and was lucky enough that my father had a cottage in the hills that has none, or extremely limited phone coverage. I can live here without any problems from phone towers. The land that the cottage is on is crown land and adjoins our titled land and has been used by our family for over 150 years as one block. It is located outside of Wangaratta Victoria in the King Valley. There are wineries and all sorts of other things in the area on the other side of the mountain. There are towns within 30 min drive. Sadly, they have now turned on the NBN in the next valley and I have been feeling the effects for a couple of weeks. More bad news came in the last week about phone towers that are being placed right where I am hiding. They plan to put 4G and NBN everywhere here. So the future does not look good.

I did not ask for this to happen. I did not will it into my life. I did not do anything to deserve this. I was just unfortunate enough to be born in an age where profit is more important than people’s lives and happiness. An age where mobile phone towers abound and a multitude of mobile phone users act as willing accomplices in this conspiracy. I am constantly hounded by these unseen high frequency waves of misery that penetrate my life and my brain.

I live like a rat in the maze. I cannot go outside without planning the trip to avoid the mobile phone towers and NBN. To take a trip outside I must set course through the maze that I know will minimize the after effects. I have had to map all of this out using an electro smog meter and geographical radio frequency maps. To complain about this attack on my person is to be labelled a tin foil hat wearing lunatic and to be treated with a nudge and a smirk by the boys at the phone company.

They hide behind their so called world standards for acceptable levels of radiation, but with a little investigation you will find that these are set to a level that allows the most amount of profit with the least amount of whinging. It is the old boys club regulating their buddies with the occasional tut-tut to give the appearance of actually doing something to keep the public safe.

My body is sovereign property. I own it. Nothing has the right to penetrate my body without my consent. This is the law. Yet these micro waves bombard my brain and body day and night without my permission.

What gives them the right to do this to me?

I have complained to the phone companies to no avail. I have sought medical assistance and other help. But the world is full of new age charlatans and peddlers of meaningless garbage that promises the world and delivers nothing. Doctors can offer nothing but drugs. And of all the products that I have spent thousands on to block the microwaves, not one of them has worked.

So why am I having this problem and other people aren’t? (IN MY CASE – NOT EVERYONES CASE )

Well that is simple. Think about this, aerials, the type used to receive signals on your TV, radio, mobile phones etc, are all made of metal for a reason, they catch radio waves. Metal is very good at picking up and harnessing radio waves of all frequencies.

So it stands to reason that if you have metal in your head, your head will to some degree act like an aerial. There is nothing mystical about it at all. It is pure physics. So how does this relate to me?

Well I have had in the past many amalgam fillings and recently was the proud new recipient of titanium implants.

If the fillings in your head are deep and contact the root or nerve of the tooth, it allows for the metals to leach out of the filling and accumulate in your brain and your nervous system. Nothing mysterious about that either. It is quite logical, until you try to explain that to someone in the medical profession, like a dentist, then you will get all the sarcastic denials in the world.

Hair analysis confirmed the presence of ten separate toxic metals in my body in very high levels. Every single one of them is a common component of amalgam fillings. This was not too hard to find out. There is no other time in my life when I have come into contact with these metals in any way that they could have entered my body. So there you have it, I am a walking antenna.

I am trying to leach the toxic metals out using coriander juice, DMSA and Chlorella. But this is having limited success and the symptoms are getting worse.

Prior to getting EHS, I had spent forty years with insomnia. This was also largely caused by these fillings. Ten years of that period were spent only having five minutes to an hour sleep a night. I lost my sanity and was a walking zombie ready to snap at any instance.

So I have forty years of my life battling one thing and beat it, only to have another battle lumped onto me as a reward. It is very disheartening.

“Every single aspect of my life has been destroyed. Every single aspect.”

Bruce Evans has been living with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) since 2007. While there is no medical diagnosis for the condition, it is characterised by a range of symptoms which sufferers attribute to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), particularly those caused by broadcasting devices.  The most common symptoms include dermatological symptoms, nausea, headaches, and tinnitus.

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