Formula of Electromagnetic Radiation

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The Nervous System

Formula of Electromagnetic Radiation
By George Parker ©

Exposure to wireless radiation (RFR) and electric-magnetic fields (EFs & MFs) (ELF) causes radiowave/microwave and electrical illness and not ES and EHS. The causation factors leads to further life-threatening illnesses.

Wireless radiation = radiofrequency radiation (RFR)
EFs & MFs = extremely low frequency (ELF)
RFR and ELF are classified “2B Carcinogenic” in 2011 and 2006 respectively.


The wireless emission of RFR is non-ionised radiation (NIR) and ELF emission is electricity from “alternate current (AC)”
Over the past two decades; lay people, activists and professed EMF experts use the phrase EMF that means “electromagnetic fields”, in which two words are being used together that produces a contradictory meaning. The phrase is used together for a special effect (something like: wise fool or legal murder). Many use EMF as identifying RFR and ELF, which is incorrect, as technically it’s describing EFs & MFs (ELF) and not RFR. The correct phrase and terminology is EMR and is found in the dictionary.

The correct terminology for EMF is “electromotive force”!
The emission from RFR and ELF devices, appliances, tools and equipments expose a human body and will produce an “electromotive force (EMF)”. The EMF is produced when the exposure comes into contact with any metallic elements that are immersed in moisture (an electrolyte). Most lay people, activists and EMF experts, are not aware of the scientific and authority of the formula above, which comes under the technical teach of OHMS Law.

Exposure from:

(1) RFR will cause radiowave/microwave illness (Not EHS); and

(2) ELF will cause electrical illness (Not ES).
RFR and ELF are emitted from all wireless and electrical devices, appliances, tools and equipments. Most don’t consider that all appliances they use in their home place or tools and equipments at their work place are causing their illness.

The following are the basic sequence of illnesses caused by exposure to RFR and ELF:

(1) All “electromotive force (EMF)”; any form of radiation and fields that comes to bear upon any metallic substance (in a human body) that is immersed in an electrolyte (saliva and body fluids) will produce a negative potential energy within the human body—exactly the same as the theory of a “car battery”—using “Ohms Law”.

(2) The EMF will immerse the outer-skin (integumentary system) of a human body, which is the first line of attack by RFR, and ELF. The EMF’s negative potential energy will be produce symptoms of “neurasthenia” and will lead to “radiowave/microwave and electrical illness”.

(3) During the exposure of RFR and ELF; the melanin and the nerve ends of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) will begin to feel the effects of NIR and ELF, which is the first bodily structure of a human body to be exposed. This is why sufferers believe they are suffering an allergy and sensitivity to RFR; and are not aware of the ELF.

(4) Over a long-term and prolonged period of time; a cumulative effect produced by the EMF of the RFR and ELF. The breakdown of the melanin and nerve ends of the PNS will begin. Once the melanin becomes deficient, the myelin sheaths of the PNS will begin to deteriorate, this deterioration is called “demyelination”.

(5) Once demyelisation of the PNS begins then the central nervous system (CNS) will begin to break down leading to poor communications between the CNS and PNS, which will lead to the symptoms of “neurasthenia” and onto more serious disorders, such as: cardiovascular, neurological, and haemodynamic; including immune disorder and many forms of cancer. The breakdown will cause the release of histamine from the mast cells that will lead to oxidative stress; and life-threatening illnesses.

(6) This belief that the human is allergic or sensitive to RFR and ELF is a misinformation produced by the medical profession to draw attention away from this real and known illness. This is why the medical profession diagnose sufferers with ME, CFS, FMS, MCS, and all other idiopathic syndromes; including the latest plaque of planet earth—Lyme’s Disease (LD), which is a complete sham!

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