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Homeless at the grand age of 54. The reason? Did I neglect my house payments, get divorced, take drugs, alcohol or have a gambling addiction? No. Did I commit some crime? Did I cheat on my tax? Had I been irresponsible with money? No, none of the above.

Then, what was my crime? After having good jobs, raising two children and working hard to live a healthy lifestyle, how could this educated, responsible grandmother, find herself living in a van on the streets of Melbourne?

You are not going to believe the answer. I would never have imagined this could happen to me or anyone else in Australia.

In August 2011 we spent $10,000 on solar panels. Things were great until six weeks later when our Smart meter was installed. We had heard some negative things about Smart meters, but naively presumed that we wouldn’t have a problem, and if we did, the power company would remove the Smart meter. We were keen to get our generous feed-in tariff, so we paid $250 to have the Smart meter installed prior to free installations.

We quickly developed a peculiar ringing in the head, nausea, heart palpitations, dizziness, hearing loss and I had blood noses. Hoping that perhaps I had a virus, I had a complete medical check up, but the Neurologist/doctor found nothing wrong. Amazingly, our symptoms would only occur in our home and would completely resolve within two hours of leaving the home. We could feel the strange symptoms all over our property., but they were worse closest to the Smart meter. Strange things were happening to our appliances. Our security lights began coming on at all hours of the night. Our fridge blew up, along with a hair dryer, computer monitor, telephone answering machine and our remote-controlled garage door had a mind of it’s own!

I phoned the power company, asking for help, and was told that a very small percentage of the population are sensitive to these frequencies, but for some strange reason they insisted we weren’t part of that percentage. They made no provision for people like us. They refused to remove the meter.

After five days of these horrible symptoms we began sleeping in our van, on the street. We were convinced that the issue would be sorted out quickly, but in the meantime, our symptoms were getting worse, the more time we spent near the Smart meter. After about two hours in the van, our symptoms would resolve completely.

We continued to phone both our electricity retailer, Red Energy and the wholesaler, Jemena, to try and resolve the problem. Jemena said they turned the transmitter down by 90%, but we felt no better at all. By this stage we were being contacted by other people who were having similar problems. None of them were helped by the transmitters being “turned down by 90%” if that were possible.
One family got sick when next door got a Smart meter installed. They ended up moving out of their home for six months. They were only able to return by getting a bank loan for $35,000 to have their home shielded with special paint, curtains and grounding rods to protect them from next door’s Smart meter. Another lady was sleeping in a tent in her back yard. One woman was sleeping on a couch at work. One man slept in his car on the outskirts of town, away from his wife and children. Many people were moving out of their bedrooms and sleeping in areas of the house the farthest away from the Smart meter. Many people found they could no longer use several rooms of their house. There was a series of fires in Smart meters in Melbourne.

We had several electricians and the solar panel installers check our wiring. They all said the Smart meter was the problem. I had lived in the house for 22 years with no such problems prior to the Smart meter.

We continued to sleep in the van and spent as little time as possible in the house. We would go home for short periods to shower, check email, do washing, make phone calls, etc. After an hour or so I felt like vomiting and had to leave.

We were contacted by A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Channel 10 NEWS, The Age and local newspapers. Reluctantly, we did some interviews. Others who heard our story realized what had been making them sick. Some people laughed at us. THEY had a Smart meter and weren’t having any problems. Mmmmm, come to think of it, they had ringing in the ears for the last six months since the Smart meter was installed, but the doctors couldn’t find the reason for it!

By December 2011 we contacted a large Law firm. At that stage they had over 200 people on a waiting list for a class action due to Smart meters.

Meanwhile, we slept in our little van on the street and spent our days away from home. We continued to phone the power company and beg for help, but they would not remove the meter. My husband was battling prostate cancer and I had to bring him home from an operation, to sleep in the van with no toilet or shower. The power companies were advised of our situation but did not care. They even threatened to sue us if we had the meter removed by a qualified electrician. Many Victorians resorted to this, only to have their power cut off when the power companies found out.

After 6 months with the Energy Ombudsman, we were given 3 options.
Have the smart meter removed at our expense and live without power.
Have the main fuse to the house removed and live without power.
Move house.

We finally decided to leave all our family and friends in Melbourne and flee to a friend’s home in QLD. We took a $50,000 loss on our home, sold and gave away nearly everything we owned and left Melbourne in August 2012. 
We settled on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We were assured by Campbell Newman that we would not be getting Smart meters in QLD, so we bought a lovely home and made many friends. I’ve had 3 good jobs here and we are part of several community groups. Many other Victorians also re-located to QLD to get away from Smart meters.

Now the roll out has begun here, with AGL and Origin being the 1st to install Smart meters. They are supposed to be compulsory by December this year. We have spoken to local and federal politicians. They all give the same answer, that Smart meter emissions are safe and all within the ARPANSA standards. (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency). Meanwhile, thousands of people are getting sick all over the world from the transmissions coming from these meters.

So, there you have it. Who would ever have believed this could be happening in Australia? Our ancestors fought for our freedoms which are being rapidly stripped away. What happened to human rights and democracy? 

The nightmare has begun again.

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