10 Ways to Safeguard Oneself From Mobile Radiation

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10 Ways to Safeguard Oneself From Mobile Radiation

By George Parker

There are sufferers who have no choice but to be one of those who have to use wireless technology. Here are 10 ways to at least reduce your exposure.

1. Use speakerphone or a headset; and don’t use Bluetooth headset. A safer option is an “air tube” earpiece.

2. Carry the phone away from your body. Telecom providers do warn users to keep phone 25mm from body; therefore, your hand is still part of your body. Carry your phone in your bag or purse and away from your body. It has been researched that where you place your phone is important as it is found that phones constantly kept in your shirt pocket increases your chance of breast cancer, wearing it around your belt area increases your chance of kidney cancer.

3. Texting is better than talking 

4. Don’t call when signal is one bar or less. Fewer bars on your phone mean that your phone has to put out higher radiation to communicate with the tower. And don’t make calls if your battery is down. This is a common occurrence if you use one of the radiation pouches and your phone is turned ON in the pouch, which is a very bad practice.

5. Wait for the call to connect before putting it to your ear, as when first initiated, they phone emits the highest level of emission at the time of connecting to a tower.

6. Keep your children away from all wireless technology. Most users are not aware that their children are more venerable to brain cancers and heart attacks.

7. Talk less and keep your mobile phone on airplane mode when not in use.

8. Hang up when you get into your car, distraction causes more accidents than anything. If you have your phone turned ON, the phone will send high emissions as it will be trying to keep communications with towers while you are on the move and when you move out of range.

9. Purchase a phone with a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)

10. The safest means is using cable or land line as oppose to DECT phones, and using an Ethernet modem/router as oppose to Wi-Fi.

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