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About Radiation Refuge Foundation

Radiation Refuge Foundation (RRF) is intended to be a non-profit and a charitable organization which will act as a support platform for people affected by Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

Radiation Refuge Foundation's mission is to create a low EMF/EMF zone or also known as a White Zone where people can redefine living and be a part of society without suffering the damaging effects of modern radiation.

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What are Electric and Magnetic Fields?

What are Electric and Magnetic Fields? Compiled by George Parker © Since the introduction of wireless technology (1990s), the term “EMF” has been used in a […]

The Nervous System

The Nervous System Compiled by George Parker The nervous system is a group of nerves called the “central nervous system (CNS)”, which consists of the brain […]

Formula of Electromagnetic Radiation

Formula of Electromagnetic Radiation By George Parker © Exposure to wireless radiation (RFR) and electric-magnetic fields (EFs & MFs) (ELF) causes radiowave/microwave and electrical illness and […]

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